Where can I buy a copy of The Standard?

  Folks are constantly asking me where they can pick up a copy of the paper.  Those who are not frequent readers sometimes get the idea that the paper is only available in Amity, since that’s where we located our office.  We actually actively cover the news and sell advertising over a two and a half-county  area.

  For those who want to purchase a paper, here are our locations.  Some are outside green racks, but most are counter sales inside the stores.

Arkadelphia: Shepherd’s, Stuckey’s, West Pine Exxon, Fred’s, Tiger Mart, Winner’s Circle, Honeycomb, Sav-U-Mor.

Caddo Valley: Valley Exxon, Valero, Fat Boy’s.

Curtis: One-Stop, former JJ’s store.

Gurdon: Gurdon Grill, Kuhn’s Hardware, grocery store, Doug’s Grocery, Go-Devil Grill, Red-E Mart, Dillard’s Shell.

Amity: Jeremy’s Sports Stop, Chambers Bank, Trudy’s Cafe, Judy’s Grocery, Post Office,  Carlee’s Corner, The Standard office.

Alpine: Buck’s Country Store

Glenwood: Fish Nest, Quickway, OK Cafe, Phil’s Pharmacy, Woodard Drug, Susie’s Kountry Kitchen, Tiger Mart, Buck’s Pharmacy, Plaza 66, John Plyler Home Center, Wright’s Grocery.

Kirby: Dunlap’s Store, Kirby Restaurant, Kirby Kwick Stop.

Daisy: Gayle’s Restaurant

Murfreesboro: People’s Pharmacy, Tobacco & More, Miner’s Village C-Stop, Grocery Store

Delight: Red-E Mart

Antoine: Corner Cafe, Price Grocery

As you can see, we are easily the widest circulated paper in the area. Others may make the claim, but we’e go the proof!

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