Welcome to our new blog!

  This is our first post as an (ahem) oficial blogger in cyberspace.  We’re hoping at least a couple of folks will become readers of this blog and join us in some enjoyable conversation about local, state and national events. We might even discuss the meaning of life.

  Ove r the days to come we will figure out how this new feature works and how we can best use it to keep our readers informed.  Some of the uses we envision for this blog:

  *A place to post breaking news.  We won’t tip off the competition (sorry, guys) but we can try to keep on top of at least some of the happenings in our area and keep you abreast of what’s happening with snippets until a full story can be printed in the weekly paper.

  *A place to put articles for which we lacked space in the print edition.  A sad fact of life is that we must run a tight paper due to budgetory and time constraints.  Therefore, not everything makes the final cut.  Granted, we try not to leave much out, but sometimes some items just won’t fit.

*A place to air our views and hash out local issues.  We love to editorialize, but there’s just not that much space as we noted above.  Perhaps we can place some of our thoughts in this section and invite reader feedback.  Along the way, we might just solve some of life’s more pressing problems.  If not, at least we’ll have fun trying.

*A place for readers to post news tips. We can be hard to locate sometimes, even with cell phones and email.  This blog with its comments section can provide a place for readers to post possible news tips. (No tacky stuff or gossip, please.  All comments have to be approved before they are posted, so it’s not possible to swoop in and print nasty stuff and slink off to hide.)

*A place for readers to interact with the paper and each other on local issues. We don’t want something that would tear down our communities, but we can sit around and discuss ideas intelligently.

  All in all , we’re hoping that the Bonnie Blue Blog will become an interesting place in the weeks and months to come. So, tell your friends and relatives to check us out. And if things aren’t interesting to you, join in and make them interesting.  This is a grassroots effort, folks.