Bonnie Blue Blog

Just what is the Bonnie Blug Blog?

Well, it’s the official blog of The Standard.  No, it’s not a place where you can read our mundane ramblings about life; rather, it’s a place where fans of the local newspaper can come to find up-to-date information on news happenings, read opinions and items of interest to the local area.  And best of all, you’re invited to pull up a chair and participate.  Let’s be ladies and gentlemen, though. Any untoward comments will be promptly removed.

About the name: The Bonnie Blue Flag dates to the days before the War of Northern Aggression (for you Northern types, that’s what y’all call the Civil War.)  It is a blue flag with a single white star.  In the days following secession, it was the first unofficial flag of the South. Even before Arkansas seceeded from the Union, it was hoisted in Arkadelphia where locals rallied around it, calling for an end to Northern tyranny.  It stands not only for the South, but for any group or people who believe in rising about the norm and holding themselves and others to a higher standard.